Aaron Rodgers All but Confirms His Trade Decision.

AFC team has shown interest in trading for Aaron Rodgers

The face of the Packers franchise, Aaron Rodgers, has almost confirmed that he won’t return to Green Bay in the upcoming season.



All thanks to a frustrating campaign the veteran experienced this year. Since then, his name got linked to several teams in the NFL. Spicing up the scenario even more, the legend himself spilt beans on his plans moving forward.





Ever since the 2022 season wrapped up, fans speculated about Rodgers’ retirement after his stint with the Packers. He played for 18 seasons wearing the Green jerseys and accumulated countless accolades elevating his status as one of the greatest quarterbacks to play the game.

But the scenario has changed now. Instead of seeking a retirement life, A-Rod looks busy finding a new landing spot.



While speaking in an interview with Amanda Renner of CBS Sports, the quarterback fueled some trade rumors brewing theories for a reunion with his old wingman Davante Adams.





Although the Jets were heavily linked to acquiring him, the Raiders came out as a surprise for many viewers. “I’m just going to say the predominant team that we hear [from the fans] as we’re walking is Raiders. There’s a lot of Raiders fans,” Rodgers said in the interaction, per The Mirror.

“There’s been a lot of ‘Davante misses you’ comments. So we’re having some fun with it. It’s a great event, great for the fans to be out here,” he added.

Earlier Rodgers ruled out the possibility of moving to San Francisco and laughed out on a Cowboys ticket for the upcoming season. Moreover, Dallas and the Niners don’t need a quarterback at this moment. If A-Rod gets into the Raiders’ locker room, his collaboration with Adams might create havoc on the field.

Anyways fans couldn’t get past his recent comments.

NFL world gets busy finding a new home for Aaron Rodgers

The quarterback had been associated with Green Bay for the past 18 seasons. This year he posted a record of 8-9, falling short of a playoff berth by a narrow margin.

The Raiders are in dire need of an impact-creating quarterback. If Carr finally leaves the side, it would create a big void in the offensive depth chart.

No doubt, A-Rod will become a perfect fit for this position, but bidding goodbye to Green Bay is something that looks unlikely at this point. Anyways, readers can tune in for the latest update on Rodgers and his future plans.


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