Aaron Rodgers Dives Deep Into Self Confessed Feud With Matt Lafleur

Aaron Rodgers Dives Deep Into Self Confessed Feud With Matt Lafleur

The Packers went down hard against the Jets in Week 6. The franchise seems to be in some trouble with the offensive side.



Things are not doing well in Green Bay, as the franchise falls to 3-3. Some of A-Rod’s comments caught public attention with the speculation of a feud with Matt LaFleur. But the Packers QB1 simplified the situation.





Aaron Rodgers spoke about a legion of topics in his recent appearance on The Pat McAfee Show. AJ Hawk questioned Rodgers regarding his post-game presser where he talked about simplifying the offense. He wanted to know what Rodgers meant by that. A-Rod gave out an explanation and also made a gargantuan reveal.

Aaron Rodgers mentioned, “Me and Matt are feuding for sure right now… That was a part of a long answer about a lot of different things that I was combining, but at the heart of it is execution.”



“The most important thing is executing the plan and scoring points, and what I mentioned, which probably won’t get any headlines because it doesn’t fit any type of narrative that is out there about a 3-3 team.”





“This is how hard the coaches do work, and how the plan you know comes together each week with a lot of study, film review, self-scout as they put it together. Their 20 some odd runs and more than that passes that they install from week to week,” He added.

Rodgers added that the only reaction would be to simplify things. It doesn’t mean fewer actions or checks but they need to be sure these guys can manage what they’re doing. This is a signal to the players that they ought to focus more and improve things in their heads.

Aaron Rodgers verifies Packers’ aim to add assets before trade deadline

The Packers‘ receiving end is facing an injury plague that took the franchise to 3-3. But Aaron Rodgers feels confident that as the NFL trade clock ticks down, the Packers may acquire some assets before the time limit.

During the Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers believes they will be in the mix for certain people they prefer and that GM Brian Gutekunst will do his best for the team. Moreover, A-Rod stated that if the GM desires to add a player or two, he will try to do so.


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