Bengals HC Zac Taylor Dishes True Thoughts on NFL Future

Bengals HC Zac Taylor Dishes True Thoughts on NFL Future

The Cincinnati Bengals have been enjoying a joyous run these past couple of years with two back-to-back AFC championship appearances for the first time in franchise history.



The organization has no immediate long-term changes planned. And head coach Zac Taylor won’t have it any other way.



Bengals HC Zac Taylor Dishes True Thoughts on NFL Future



Taylor explained his future plans of sticking with the Bengals in an interview with Husker Online. And the 39-year-old had some extra loyalty points added when he described his relationship with the organization and its quarterback, Joe Burrow.

Zac Taylor isn’t going anywhere

Taylor didn’t have the greatest start to his NFL head coaching journey when he took charge of the Bengals in 2019.



After two seasons of mediocrity, producing a 6-25-1 result, Taylor finally showed off their efforts in his third year.



Bengals HC Zac Taylor Dishes True Thoughts on NFL Future



The rookie head coach took the Cincinnati Bengals to the Super Bowl, where they lost to Zac’s former employers, the Los Angeles Rams. Yes, the Rams won. And Taylor shares a special relationship with LA as he held the quarterback coaching position when the Rams last reached the Super Bowl in 2019.

But Cincinnati has carved a special place in Zac’s heart. “They’re gonna have to carry me out of here in a casket. Yeah, I love it.”

“Just specifically in Cincinnati. It’s a really good fit for my family and myself. Just with the other coaches and the ownership. And Duke Tobin.”

“Yeah, I can’t ever imagine myself anywhere else. So they’ll have to kick me out of here,” Taylor said on being asked about his future in the NFL and if he would be willing to try college coaching.

Joe Burrow has a lot to do with his decision

Cool Joe Burrow has been a pivotal part of the change in the Bengals’ fortunes. The LSU quarterback took the team to a Super Bowl in the SoFi Stadium in his first healthy season.

And his LSU Tigers teammate and star wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase’s addition only sweetened the deal. The longer offseason breaks in the NFL are an enticing factor. But not bigger than their star quarterback Burrow.

Bengals HC Zac Taylor Dishes True Thoughts on NFL Future

“Joe is a special person, a special player. Makes your job feel a lot easier at times. Because he can execute at such a high level. And he’s so much fun to coach,” Zac said about Joe. Also, the QB and Taylor share a special Nebraska bond.

Before venturing into the coaching world, Zac was a quarterback for the Nebraska Cornhuskers and even secured the Big 12 Offensive Player of The Year for himself. And there he played with Jamie and Dan Burrow, Joe’s elder brothers. And surely, with a connection that goes back to college, the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers reserve QB is not leaving Cincinnati anytime soon.


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