Bengals veteran is going to lose his hair due to team’s recent signing

Bengals veteran is going to lose his hair due to team's recent signing

Not many people inside and outside of the Queen City expected Germaine Pratt to return to the Cincinnati Bengals.



The veteran linebacker was expected to test the free agent waters a year after he expressed displeasure not playing on third downs.





The Bengals were able to make it happen, and signed Pratt to a three-year, $21 million deal. One particular teammate of Pratt’s will be impacted by the news in a hilarious way. Bengals defensive tackle B.J. Hill announced via Twitter over the weekend that he’ll shave his head and go bald if Pratt were to re-sign with Cincinnati.

Well, well, well. Looks like someone needs to head to the barber. Maybe Hill can ask Pratt where he goes for a shaven scalp.



The relationship between Hill and Pratt has always been whimsical. The two were teammates at NC State and were reunited prior to the 2021 season when Hill was traded to the Bengals.





They even did their own version of “Between Two Ferns” last year. We’ll see if Hill owns up to the wager he made now that Pratt is back in the fold. If he doesn’t, he may have to answer to his best friend.


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