Bills reportedly trying to trademark ‘Bills Mafia’

Bills reportedly trying to trademark 'Bills Mafia'

The term “Bills Mafia” originated organically as a way to reference diehard fans of the Buffalo Bills and has been embraced by media outlets and the club in recent years:



It appears the franchise does not want anybody else to be able to profit off of that phrase moving forward.





According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, Sports Business Journal is reporting that the Bills are trying to land federal trademark protection for the “Bills Mafia” term. The club wishes to sell a variety of merchandise featuring the phrase and clearly is also attempting to stop others from dealing items that showcase the term.

Attorney Josh Gerben tweeted in October 2020 that the Bills filed a trademark application for “Bills Mafia” at that time:



Florio notes that the franchise is more likely to receive the trademark over any fans because it already owns the “Bills” part of the phrase. As for the timing, it makes sense the Bills would want to strike now considering expectations for them are as high as they’ve been in roughly 30 years.



Just last week, NFL Media experts voted Buffalo quarterback Josh Allen as the favorite to earn Most Valuable Player honors this season and later named the Bills as their top pick to win Super Bowl LVII, which would be a first for the long-suffering club.



Making some cash off of official “Bills Mafia” championship memorabilia would be a nice way for the team to commemorate such an occasion.


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