Bucs Coach Has a Candid Take On 45 Year Old Tom Brady

Bucs Coach Has a Candid Take On 45 Year Old Tom Brady

In his 22-year reign, Tom Brady has had a prodigious influence on the NFL World. His durability and competitive nature make him a standout among the others.



It is something that a champion would also recognize. Buccaneers’ Offensive Coordinator Byron Leftwich gave his insights heard in a recent appearance, and he delivered some praise to the name of the NFL GOAT.





The Pivot Podcast crew stopped by the Advent Health Training Center and sat with Super Bowl champ Byron Leftwich. When the hosts asked how Tom Brady differs from the rest, he called that it is the ease with which he perceives the game and his inability to become bored.



He further added, “Mistakes are not happening because I’m never guessing. I’m going off the progression. I’m doing this and this and this and this.”





“He’s going to do this and this and this and the open guy gets the ball that’s what’s the simplicity and the way that he plays the game and the way that he sees the game. Obviously, he’s intense. He’s intense. I’ve never seen nobody prepare like this, and I’m not even talking about from a physical standpoint.”

Leftwich admired TB12‘s dedication to his profession and had seen no one work so hard on preparing 365 days a year.

He develops himself in such a fashion that he would play his best game. From a preparation sense, the Bucs‘ OC has experienced nothing like that.

Bucs Coach Has a Candid Take On 45 Year Old Tom Brady

Tom Brady’s career is reaching levels as he embarks on his 23rd campaign to complete some unresolved issues. It might also be his last opportunity to compete in the NFL.

Byron Leftwich calls Tom Brady ‘Excellent’ since his return

The Internet was all stirring over the leave of absence taken by Tom Brady. However, now that he is back, the rumors would catch a breather.

Despite the 11-day break, he reportedly has not slowed down at all. When reporters asked OC Byron Leftwich on now TB123 completed since his return, he deemed it as “Excellent.”

According to Yardbarker, Rick Stroud stated Brady did not practice on Wednesday, incurring a veteran maintenance day. The Tampa Bay Times reporter also said that TB12 had tossed plenty of passes in the previous two sessions and that there wasn’t anything to observe. The Buccaneers will begin their regular season against the Dallas Cowboys, but they have an injury-battling offense. Will they prevail? It is subject to witness.


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