Bucs’ Likely Coaching Decision Becomes a Sign of Worry Among Fans

Bucs’ Likely Coaching Decision Becomes a Sign of Worry Among Fans

The Bucs and Tom Brady have had a very erratic season. While the team sits on top of their table, they ended the season with a losing record.



The fans were very surprised by the Bucs’ current season and the blame has been shifted to the coaching staff. With the news of Todd Bowles returning to the staff, Bucs fans do not seem very happy.





The coach’s mixed results have been taking a toll on the Bucs’ record as well. Usually, a top-seeding team led by Terrific Tom himself, the Bucs have been struggling to even stay in the race. After the news of Bowles returning went viral, fans were vocal on Twitter regarding their feelings about Bowles coaching the Bucs again.

Fans displeased with Bowles returning

Just a day before the wild card game, fans found out about Bowles’ return through Twitter. Keeping aside the bad timing of the news, fans did not seem very happy with the coach returning.



The Buccaneers fans were quick to show their frustration with the news that came out. Their reactions seemed very visceral. Fans cited past moments of Bowles’ performance as a coach.





Furthermore, the news of Bowles becoming HC again might not have come at the best time. With an upcoming playoff game as well as the uncertainty of Brady’s location next year, fans are certainly facing a lot of flux in terms of the Bucs’ news.

Tom Brady and the Bucs: An uncertain future

Adding to the news of Bowles staying, fans have had a hard time with Brady’s potential departure. At the end of this season, Brady will become an unrestricted free agent.

He will then be able to pick and choose where he wants to go play. There is speculation among the fans that the presence of Bowles on the coaching staff might fast-track Brady’s departure.

Admittedly, there have already been rumors of Brady leaving for teams like the Raiders and the Dolphins. To make matters worse, Brady has been keeping the fans in suspense with his decision by being annoyingly cryptic. With the news of Bowles returning and Brady’s potential departure, Bucs fans are left in suspense.

It seems like only time will tell if retaining Bowles has some ill effect on the Bucs’ chances of keeping Brady happy in Tampa Bay.


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