Can Rams Win Back-to-Back Super Bowls?

Can Rams Win Back-to-Back Super Bowls?

The Los Angeles Rams enter the 2022 season as the defending Super Bowl champions.



Before last season, the Rams’ only Super Bowl victory came in 2000, when the then-St. Louis Rams beat the Tennessee Titans 23–16.



Can Rams Win Back-to-Back Super Bowls?



They also had three other Super Bowl appearances: a 13–3 loss to the Patriots during the 2018 season, a 20–17 loss to the Patriots in 2002, and a 31–19 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers as the Los Angeles Rams in 1979.

Now the Rams are trying to make history and win back-to-back Super Bowls.



The last team to repeat as Super Bowl champions were the Patriots in 2003-2004. It’s an incredibly daunting task, and it’s only been done eight times before.



Can Rams Win Back-to-Back Super Bowls?



The main reason it’s so hard to repeat as champions is that it’s extremely difficult to win one Super Bowl. Out of 32 teams competing for that Lombardi Trophy, only one team brings home the championship to their city.

FOX Sports Colin Cowherd likes the Rams coming out of a weaker NFC and making a run at the Super Bowl again.

In a recent segment where he shared his five bold predictions for the 2022 season, he said the Rams would repeat as the champs.

Can Rams Win Back-to-Back Super Bowls?

“I think the Rams are gonna repeat. I know it hasn’t happened since 2003-2004. A lot of things to remember: Seattle’s now tanking, Arizona’s been noisy, and we don’t know if Trey Lance can play,” Cowherd said. “The division is not as tough as it was. They’re gonna get more layup wins.”

Cowherd also points to the additions of Allen Robinson and Bobby Wagner and how they are upgrades at wide receiver and linebacker.

Not to mention Los Angeles still has the best defensive player in the NFL in Aaron Donald.

Can Rams Win Back-to-Back Super Bowls?

Of course, health will play a major role as well. Specifically, quarterback Matthew Stafford, who was held out of team activities this week due to a lingering elbow issue. Stafford had elbow pain last season and reports surfaced that he’s been dealing with tendinitis.

“And let’s just be honest: The NFC is not as good, nor as deep,” he continued. “Green Bay’s not as good.

Mike Evans got hurt today. If Tampa and (Tom) Brady’s last year is not quite as dynamic, and I don’t think they will be, who’s in their way? Dallas? San Francisco? Noisy Arizona? Philadelphia?”

Another factor to consider is having a target on your back. As the defending super bowl champions, teams will bring their best performances week after week.


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