Chiefs could look to adjust Patrick Mahomes’ deal

Chiefs could look to adjust Patrick Mahomes' deal

Given a deal that was $10M north of the previous NFL AAV record two summers ago, Patrick Mahomes has seen his $45M-per-year pact fall to fourth.



This offseason saw Aaron Rodgers surpass $50M per year and Deshaun Watson‘s fully guaranteed $46M-per-year pact lead to Kyler Murray signing for $46.1M on average.



Chiefs could look to adjust Patrick Mahomes' deal



Mahomes received the $45M salary because he agreed to a 10-year extension, and the superstar Chiefs quarterback has said he is unconcerned about where is contract currently stands among QBs. But a source informed Pro Football Focus’ Doug Kyed the Chiefs could adjust his deal “sooner than later.”

Mahomes, 26, has never been expected to play out his through-2031 contract.

It will be passed many times between now and its expiration date. Lamar Jackson is almost certainly gunning for a deal north of that $45M figure.



It does not look like the Chiefs will be addressing the contract this year, but in addition to Jackson, Russell Wilson should be expected to pass Mahomes’ pact by 2023.



Chiefs could look to adjust Patrick Mahomes' deal



Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert will also be extension-eligible in January. A team agreeing to redo a player’s deal with so many years left on it stands to be an interesting contract chapter — one that may not be too far in the future — but Mahomes is rather important to this franchise’s prospects.


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