Chiefs HC Andy Reid Responds to Ronald Jones’ ‘Release’ Request

Chiefs HC Andy Reid Responds to Ronald Jones’ ‘Release’ Request

The Kansas City Chiefs have a minor drama that’s been occurring behind the scenes. In case you missed it, reserve running back Ronald Jones II tweeted that he “sure would like a RELEASE right about now” on October 28.



Kansas City then ignored this cryptic request at the November 1 trade deadline. ESPN NFL insider Jeremy Fowler later followed up on the situation, noting that “the Chiefs do not plan to release running back Ronald Jones despite his recent tweet hinting at wanting one, per sources.”





Fowler added that the “team likes the player and is hopeful that over a full season, he will get more looks.”

Chiefs HC Andy Reid Reacts to Ronald Jones ‘Release’ Plea

Yesterday on November 4, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid finally entered the discussion during his Friday press conference.

Media members asked Big Red about Jones and his suggestive tweet, and the long-time HC was pretty understanding of the disgruntled running back.





“Yeah, I talked to him,” Reid told reporters, “we talked yesterday or the day before yesterday, whatever it was. Listen, I appreciate his passion. He didn’t have to do all that but I appreciate his passion.”

The Chiefs’ head honcho gave a little smirk during the latter part of that statement but was mostly supportive of Jones throughout the earlier parts of the press conference.



Chiefs HC Andy Reid Responds to Ronald Jones’ ‘Release’ Request

“Ronald would be playing for most teams,” Reid voiced before the tweet was referenced, “it just didn’t work out — it was a weird deal… not until right at the end of training camp did he turn it on or whatever, and show us that he was handling the offense. By that time the other guys had solidified their spots, so it doesn’t mean he can’t play, he’s a good football player. We’ve got a couple [of] guys like that and I think we’re blessed to have them.”

Chiefs HC Andy Reid Responds to Ronald Jones’ ‘Release’ Request

“I appreciate what he’s done [in practice] and how he’s handling himself,” Reid reiterated. “He wants to play, that’s what he wants to do. You can’t blame him for that.”


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