Colin Cowherd Thinks He Knows Why Tom Brady Isn’t Retiring

Colin Cowherd Thinks He Knows Why Tom Brady Isn't Retiring

We’ve learned this year that Tom Brady is so eager to keep playing football that he would literally put his own marriage at risk for the opportunity.



While that may seem baffling to most people, Colin Cowherd thinks he knows why. On Friday’s edition of The Herd, Cowherd suggested that Brady realizes how easy it is to find success in the NFL and wants to keep winning.



Colin Cowherd Thinks He Knows Why Tom Brady Isn't Retiring



He pointed out that Brady has acknowledged that there are a lot of teams with bad QB play right now, making it easy for him to take advantage. Cowherd pointed out that Brady is still in the top tier of quarterbacks and teams with top quarterbacks are the ones that are continuing to win. So he believes Brady’s mindset is, “Why quit now?”

“There is a lot of shaky QB play and Tom Brady is looking at it thinking, ‘Retire from this?'” Cowherd said.



That might be a good rationale for staying in the NFL if there were any more mountains for Tom Brady to climb. But the thing that keeps perplexing people is that there aren’t.





Brady is now the NFL’s all-time leader in every passing category of even slight significance. Unless he’s trying to pursue the record for NFL regular season MVP awards, there isn’t anything left for him to accomplish other than continuing to set the bar higher.

But no matter what he does, none of his records can ever be unbreakable. It’s hard to get into the mindset of someone like that. Maybe that’s what sets Brady apart as the GOAT.


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