Cowboys’ superstar looks extremely foolish after calling out Tom Brady

In case you’ve missed it, there’s been some extremely entertaining, WWE-style back-and-forth between Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Leonard Fournette and Dallas Cowboys superstar defender Micah Parsons:





This certainly isn’t your innocuous back-and-forth between two NFL players. This is real. Parsons has a big problem with Fournette’s chip block on Sunday night and he went public with his dissatisfaction.





But Parsons went about his business in the worst way possible: on social media.

The internet is forever, especially Twitter. It didn’t take long for Parsons’ qualm with Fournette to get discredited as nothing more than a hypocritical gripe because of something Parsons said himself several months ago.

Parsons called out on prominent NFL player because said player said the NFL needed to look into adjust the rules for hitting wide receivers low.

And that prominent NFL player, the target of Parsons’ ridicule, was none other than Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady.





Brady’s comment came after the low hit from New Orleans Saints safety P.J. Williams that caused Buccaneers wide receiver Chris Godwin to tear his ACL in last year’s December matchup.

Well, well, well. How the turntables turn.

Last year’s Defensive Rookie of the Year is clearly upset because he didn’t apply the age-old football adage of “keep your head on a swivel” and therefore, he ended up getting posterized by Fournette.

And, let’s not to mention the Cowboys, as a whole, were embarrassed throughout the 19-3 loss. That also lends credence to the line of thinking that Parsons is letting the Buccaneers -mostly Fournette- get the best of him.

Parsons needs to back off before he makes himself look even worse.


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