Exclusive Check Out HUGE AMOUNT Kobe Bryant Merchandise Set to Fetch at Auction

The late Kobe Bryant is clearly one of the biggest names in the NBA in today’s world. It wasn’t just the basketball fandom, but the whole world wept at the passing away of the former Lakers star. The good news for all Kobe fans is that his first-ever NBA playoff jersey will be going up for auction real soon. All the collectors and NBA fans would have an option to get their hand on this rare item.



The star wore the jersey for at least 5 games, including 2 playoff games during his rookie year. There is speculation that the jersey could be sold for as high as $5 million.
Credibility of jersey
The SCP auction is the one organizing it. They call it the Mamba Out jersey, the jersey in which Kobe played his first playoff game. It is a number 8 home game jersey from the 98-99 season.





The jersey has the 50th year logo on it, along with the original tags. It has been photo marked by three marquee services that have ensured its credibility. Photo marking is a unique process in which the product is compared to the photographs of the player actually wearing it.



Details about the auction
As per the podcast on TMZSports YouTube channel, the auction is supposed to begin on 18th May and end on 4th June 2022. It would be conducted on the SCP website. The starting price for this jersey is supposed to be $650, 000. The President and CEO of SCP Auctions, David Kohler, confirmed on the TMZ podcast that they are expecting somewhere between $3-$5 million for this rare memorabilia.



While the number might sound a bit high, a similar jersey last year went for $3.6 million. As per David, the jersey that is supposed to go up now is even more memorable and desirable. While what be the real price on which the jersey goes out would only be out on 4th June. Before that, we can all just speculate about it. This is a rare chance for all NBA fans to get their hands on something that might never come back to the market.


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