Hamilton reveals where he would be in life without F1

Lewis Hamilton has revealed a few career paths he would have loved to have followed had life not steered him towards motorsport’s fastest lane.



As a child, Hamilton was spurred on by his passion for racing and by his father, which carried the young charger through the fiercely competitive ranks of karting and onto the world of single-seater racing.



And the rest, as they say – including 103 Grand Prix wins and seven world titles – is history. But where would life have taken Formula 1’s

most successful driver had he made a wrong turn early on in his career or been stopped dead in his tracks by insurmountable financial straits?



In a quickfire Q&A video with a group of Mulberry School kids, Hamilton suggests a few alternate career paths he would have gladly followed in another life.

And in part 2 of the Q&A, Hamilton reveals the best Mercedes F1 Silver Arrow he’s ever driven and why the STEM Academy is so important, and much more!


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