Ian Rapoport responds to Packers’ Aaron Rodgers

Ian Rapoport responds to Packers' Aaron Rodgers

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network has responded to shots fired by Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers earlier this week.

“I’ve never minded being in the crosshairs of anyone, especially when it’s just because of me doing my job,” Rapoport explained during Thursday’s edition of the WFAN “Tiki and Tierney” program, per Logan Mullen of Audacy.



Ian Rapoport responds to Packers' Aaron Rodgers

“So, I put the info out there, Rodgers can react however he wants to react. I don’t take offense. If I see him, I would not be angry. To me, this is all part of it. Like, I say something and then people are allowed to react. Rodgers has never been shy about speaking his mind, so to me it’s all fine.”



Rodgers named Rapoport and ESPN’s Adam Schefter during his Tuesday appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show” as insiders who “don’t know s—” about the four-time NFL Most Valuable Player, in part because nobody in the signal-caller’s “inner circle” ever speaks with “any of those people.” Like Rodgers, Rapoport frequently is a guest on “The Pat McAfee Show.”



Ian Rapoport responds to Packers' Aaron Rodgers

Specifically, Rodgers was referring to reports claiming he was beginning his upcoming four-day “darkness retreat” less than 24 hours after the conclusion of Super Bowl LVII this past Sunday. He instead told McAfee the isolation period was always scheduled for “the end of this week.”



New York Giants legend Tiki Barber, co-host of the previously mentioned WFAN show, generated headlines when he blasted Rodgers on Wednesday for supposedly being too “sensitive” to play in the New York market.

Ian Rapoport responds to Packers' Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers has repeatedly been linked in rumors with the New York Jets since last month, but it’s believed he won’t announce any decision about his status for the 2023 season until after he finishes his retreat.



“You want to be right–you want to be first–all that stuff, and then whatever happens with the info, I sort of never mind,” Rapoport added during Thursday’s segment.

Ian Rapoport responds to Packers' Aaron Rodgers

Perhaps McAfee could get Rodgers and Rapoport together for a calming conversation over some tea this offseason.


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