Ja’Marr Chase Opens Up About Future In Cincinnati

Ja'Marr Chase Opens Up About Future In Cincinnati

Bengals wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase is ready to keep his special connection with Joe Burrow in Cincinnati for a long time.



Last week, Burrow told NBC Sports’ Maria Taylor he wants to be in the Queen City for a while as well. “I need to be here, too,” Chase told Geoff Hobson on Wednesday.



Ja'Marr Chase Opens Up About Future In Cincinnati



“Yeah, man. Keep this going. Try to get as many AFC championships as we can get. Make it to the Super Bowl as many times as possible. Me and him, we’re like bread and butter. As long as he’s got me and I’ve got him I should be here for a good time.”

He and Burrow have turned into arguably the best QB-WR combo in the NFL over their first two campaigns together. Chase is one of the most-targeted red-zone threats in the league this season.



Despite missing four games, he ranks top five in red-zone catches and first in red-zone yards per game this season. He isn’t bombastic about it, but Uno has strong convictions about his status among NFL wideouts.





“Hell, yeah,” Chase said when asked if he’s the league’s best receiver. “I just put up how many stats with four missed games? Who knows what would have happened. I’ve been thinking it. I’m not a cocky person. I’m humble. I know what I can do. I don’t need to prove it. Everybody knows what I can do. Never a doubt in my mind.”

Chase is now the Bengals leader in playoff receiving yards (452) and catches (34). He’s one of five players in the Super Bowl era to average 90-plus receiving yards (90.4). Cincinnati will need another big game out of him against the Bills.


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