Jenson Button Snubs Lewis Hamilton To Name His Best Dressed Driver on the Grid

F1 drivers are one of the most fearless people on this planet. They are risk-takers and adrenaline junkies. They drive around a circuit at 200 miles an hour while making it look really stylish.



But some drivers are stylish even off the track as former world champion Jenson Button reveals the best-dressed driver during his Q&A session at Sky Sports and it is not Lewis Hamilton.



Button revealed that there are some really stylish drivers in the F1 paddock right now. But According to him, Pierre Gasly is the most stylish driver of the lot of them.

It is interesting to see that the former world champion did not pick his former teammate, Lewis Hamilton, as the most stylish driver in the sport.



Hamilton is always rocking up to the paddock in some of the most stylish clothes. He has made headlines because of his outfits on many occasions.

But Jenson likes Gasly‘s dressing sense more than the Mercedes driver’s. “Pierre Gasly is quite cool. I kinda like his style.



Mixing it up, bringing in the rain jackets now again. Yeah, probably him,” said Jenson. This is definitely a snub for the 7-time world champion, as he is recognized as one of the most stylish athletes.

But it is not the end of the world for him as he will continue to rock up in interesting outfits in the paddock.



People are always interested to see what Hamilton will wear throughout the race weekend. He often turns up in eye-catching clothes that grab the attention of everyone around the world.

Hamilton is also associated with the American premium clothing brand, Tommy Hilfiger. In addition, he is often seen taking part in Paris fashion week and even at the Met Gala.

His collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger has been going well and has become quite successful. Now it would be interesting to see if any other drivers can give Lewis some competition at his own game, by wearing some fancy attires to the paddock this season.


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