Joe Burrow Finally Set to Enter League of Elite QBs

Joe Burrow Finally Set to Enter League of Elite QBs

Joe Burrow is coming off a tremendous season. Against all the odds, he led the young Bengals team to the Super Bowl.



Despite having had a poor rookie season, which was shortened by a serious injury, Burrow bounced back pretty well.





Since the quarterback market is on the rise, people have already begun assuming what a contract for Burrow will look like. He might not get an extension until next year, but he is going to get paid big time whenever it happens.

The owner of the Cincinnati Bengals, Mike Brown, recently talked about what it will take for him to keep his young core together.



Brown said, “We’re trying to prepare to find a way to keep Joe here, keep Chase here, keep Higgins here and keep Boyd here, for example, it’s gonna be a real challenge for us.”





The Bengals have a great group of young players. They would never want to break the duo of Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase. They have been blowing the opposition’s defenses since their college days. The Bengals might need to break the bank to keep them together, but in order to win a Super Bowl, you have to keep your best players together.

Can Joe Burrow repeat last season’s heroics?

Nobody expected what they saw from Joe Burrow and the Bengals last season. They sneaked their way into the playoffs, but once they got there, it looked like they belonged there.

Joe Burrow led the Bengals to victories over the Raiders, Titans, and Chiefs to win the AFC Championship, and lost a close game to the Rams in the Super Bowl. However, the situation will be quite different this time around.

Joe Burrow Finally Set to Enter League of Elite QBs

The AFC North has gotten a lot stronger than last season. The Browns have got Deshaun Watson, and the Baltimore Ravens will have a healthy squad. We do know what the Steelers will look like post-Big Ben’s retirement. Joe Burrow will have another opportunity to prove to everyone he is the real deal. If he goes on a similar run to last season, he might be ranked in the top 3 QBs in the league pretty soon.


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