Joe Burrow Gets the Highest Compliment in Quarterback Land

Joe Burrow Gets the Highest Compliment in Quarterback Land

The Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is one of the generational talents, and his previous records at college prove that his future is secured in the league for a long time.



One of the greatest appreciations he received from the fans and even coaches was the resemblance he had with the GOAT Tom Brady.





He is just in his third season and has already drawn comparisons with one of the greatest quarterbacks in history. Just like Brady, Burrow’s entry was quite a dramatic one. The only thing was the LSU product got selected as first overall while Brady was 199th. The Bengals had faith in him.



Being a Heisman Trophy winner, he had all it takes to make an impact. However, in the case of Brady, the signal-caller was a mere backup option.



Joe Burrow Gets the Highest Compliment in Quarterback Land



Despite getting a high-profile entry, Burrow’s rookie season was short-lived due to his injuries. However, the subsequent season, the previous year, he led the team towards their first playoff victory after 31 years marking their presence on the NFL map.

Moreover, it was a very short margin with which the Burrow-led side lost the Super Bowl title. “I hate to compare anybody to Brady, but he might be the closest thing,” one of the coaches said, per Jeremy Fowler.”

“What, did he take nine sacks in that playoff game [against Tennessee]? Didn’t flinch. Hung in there. He’s just got a toughness about him and the ability to think through a game.” he added.

Well, this was not the only appreciation he received as a quarterback. Per reports, after parting ways with Tom Brady, former Tight End Rob Gronkowski only had Burrow in mind for a second chance in the league.

Joe Burrow affirms to learn more to get into the top

One of the main reasons why the signal-caller can draw comparisons with Tom Brady is his ability to process faster. The 25-year-old can cover up even if the defense has scrambled upon the entire field.

“I could always just tell whether a play was gonna work or wasn’t gonna work based off the look,” Burrow said. “Like, I always knew whether it was gonna work or not, but I didn’t always know what to get to, to make it work.”

“So I’ve worked really hard to have answers to every look I could see,” he added. With a Super Bowl appearance, Burrow seems to have gained enough experience to make it to the top. In the upcoming season, it will be interesting to see how the quarterback approaches with his limited resources on the field.


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