Joe Burrow is guaranteed to love one potential Bengals draft pick

Joe Burrow is guaranteed to love one potential Bengals draft pick

Mock drafts at this time of the year, really only serve one purpose.

To create fun scenarios that get the fans minds churning. Thinking of all the possibilities one player presents and how he can help their team.

This mock draft, created by NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah, does exactly that. He forgoes the need on the offensive line for the Bengals and selects one of the best players in the draft. He selects Notre Dame tight end, Michael Mayer.



Joe Burrow is guaranteed to love one potential Bengals draft pick

This is an interesting selection for a number of reasons. The first one being their current tight end 1, Hayden Hurst is slated to hit the open market via free agency.



The second one being, we all know Joe Burrow’s feelings towards Hayden Hurst. Back in January Burrow said that Hurst was “Just a trustworthy, reliable, explosive player.“

Per SIS this past year, Hayden Hurst caught 52 of 56 catchable throws his way.

Joe Burrow is guaranteed to love one potential Bengals draft pick



As well as catching 19 of 20 catchable targets on 3rd downs, moving the chains for first downs on 14 of those.

He has shown he is a reliable target. Can Mayer be the same?

Michael Mayer can be incredible at the catch point, he has some minor drop issues, but the catches he makes more than makeup for it.

He can be deployed in-line as a more traditional tight end, or be deployed out wide as a receiver. He improved his physicality and explosiveness from 2021 to 2022.



The advantage he creates at the catch point is his trump card. He can be absolutely smothered and still find a way to come down with the throw.



Now the downside to his game. Mayer does not possess elite speed to his game, but that is not a major concern as that is not how he wins. Mayer is such a threat at the catch point, especially in one on one scenarios, that he has to be accounted for at all times.

His blocking showed improvement, but it still needs some work for him to be a viable option in the NFL. As well as I would like to see him clean up some of the drops.



Is tight end a top need for the Bengals? You could argue either way. You could argue that offensive tackle and cornerback are more pressing.

However, you can argue that Hurst was such a key weapon for Burrow, that if he is not retained it instantly becomes one of, if not the top need(s).

When you get into the late 20’s for drafting however, it can easily become let’s take the best available player overall, rather than the best available player at a position of need. Luckily for the Bengals, Mayer could be both.


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