Joe Burrow Reveals His NFL Offseason Hobby

Joe Burrow Reveals His NFL Offseason Hobby

Joe Burrow and his girlfriend Olivia Holzmacher have quietly turned into one of the NFL’s more popular couples.



Between his success with the Cincinnati Bengals and her unwavering support of him at all times, they have won over the hearts of the football-watching world.



Joe Burrow Reveals His NFL Offseason Hobby



Because of that, folks are following Holzmacher and Burrow closely even during this off-time in the NFL calendar. Unlike Aaron Rodgers and his new girlfriend who are vacationing apart, these two appear to be spending all their time together.

On Wednesday, Holzmacher took to social media to share a photo of what her and her beau are utilizing as their NFL offseason hobby.



If Burrow can build up the Bengals’ franchise from ruins the way he has over the past couple of years, it certainly stands to reason that he and Holzmacher would be able to do the same with some LEGO pieces.



Joe Burrow Reveals His NFL Offseason Hobby



Burrow and Holzmacher have obviously been in the headlines nonstop in recent months. Between Burrow’s bedroom prowess becoming a popular topic of conversation, that incident with a groupie DMing him and Holzmacher’s recent viral photos, they have become a permanent fixture in the headlines.

This is just the latest example of that. It will ultimately be interesting to see what sort of year Burrow has in 2023-24.

Obviously the Bengals came up just short of the Super Bowl this past season, and it left a sour taste in a lot of people’s mouths. Particularly given that Cincinnati came up just short of winning the Super Bowl one year earlier.

Joe Burrow Reveals His NFL Offseason Hobby

Obviously Burrow is only 26 years old and has his best years ahead of him, but it’s also hard to ignore that his franchise has benefited immensely from the contract he has been on. Once he gets that next deal, the one that makes him one of the league’s highest-paid players, there won’t be a ton of cash left to surround him with talent.

Tee Higgins’ inevitable departure is the first domino to drop, but likely won’t be the last. It is good that Burrow and Holzmacher are getting their minds right ahead of the 2023-24 NFL season. Because it’s going to be a massively important one.

Will it mark when they finally claim that ever-elusive championship and ascend to King and Queen Of The League status? Time will tell.


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