LEW MUST BE JOKING Lewis Hamilton in fitness fight for Canada GP as bruised Brit finds out his dodgy Mercedes could get even SLOWER

Hamilton, who arrived at the paddock in Montreal wearing a flowery green outfit, was left with a back injury after last Sunday’s Azerbaijan GP, saying the race was the most painful he had experienced in his 16 year F1 career.



His Mercedes teammate, George Russell also said it was only a matter of time before the bouncing – or porpoising as it is also known – caused an accident, as drivers were unable to see where they were going.



Hamilton, who has been having treatment from his right-hand woman, Angela Cullen, posted an image on Instagram and said: “I am forever grateful to have Angela with me on the road, I would be lost without her.

“We’ve been working each day on stretching, acupuncture and cryotherapy to recover. “I’m feeling much better and today I was able to do my first run. Pushing through.”



It comes after Mercedes boss Toto Wolff said the seven-times F1 world champion was a doubt for this Sunday’s race in Montreal due to the bouncing.

The sport’s governing body, the FIA, have responded and say they will investigate what is causing some of this year’s cars to bounce up and down violently when the cars hit top speed.



However, the consequence could be bad news for Hamilton and Russell, as the FIA may impose strict rules to improve driver safety – which also may SLOW their car.

An FIA statement said: “Following the eighth round of this year’s FIA Formula One World Championship,



during which the phenomenon of aerodynamic oscillations (‘porpoising’) of the new generation of Formula One cars.”

The effect of this during and after the race on the physical condition of the drivers was once again visible.

“The FIA, as the governing body of the sport, has decided that, in the interests of the safety, it is necessary to intervene to require that the teams make the necessary adjustments to reduce or to eliminate this phenomenon.”

Mercedes, who have struggled with the bouncing all season, have been trying to lower their car to prevent it from happening.

But that has since triggered another problem with their car now bottoming out whenever it hits a bump in the road.

There is a feeling that the FIA could set a limit on ride height, which could see Mercedes forced to increase the height of their car.

That in turn could now see them lose a chunk of their intended aerodynamic benefit, resulting in lower speeds.


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