Lewis Hamilton Tortures Fans In Emotional Drive to Survive Moment

Lewis Hamilton Tortures Fans In Emotional Drive to Survive Moment

Drive to Survive season 5 has been released on Netflix today and fans have been re-living the 2022 season ahead of the 2023 season opening race next week.

Mercedes fans have been struggling to watch some of the ‘painful’ moments knowing what happened with the team throughout the season. Lewis Hamilton said to the camera that he was “trying to take back the championship that was taken from me”.



However, the team suffered from many issues on the W13 cars and were not in a competitive position to properly race against Red Bull and Ferrari. Fans have been reacting to the Drive to Survive moment.

Someone commented:

“That’s right. Let’s Keep Pushing @LewisHamilton”



Another Twitter user reacted to the “awkward” moment, writing:

“The first time Lewis sit down to be interviewed on #DriveToSurvive5. The awkwardness”



“This year I want to take back the title that was taken away from me”, damn Lewis, what a bad foreshadowing you did.”



Hamilton ended up having his first F1 season without a single race win, but was still able to remain positive to work with the team to improve.

The British driver asked the team to carry out the majority of the tests and data collection on his car to give his new teammate George Russell more of a chance in his first season with the team.



The team are optimistic to have put the majority of their problems behind them for the upcoming 2023 season. However, they are being honest that they still have some way to go to.

Many fans remain hopeful the Brackley-based team will be more competitive against Red Bull and Ferrari.


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