Major Outlet Poses Player-For-Player Jonah Williams Trade

Major Outlet Poses Player-For-Player Jonah Williams Trade

Jonah Williams trade talks are reportedly ramping up as the left tackle looks for a spot to play his only NFL position so far. One home ESPN’s Bill Barnwell thinks could work is the Jets.

Barnwell thinks the two teams should swap Mekhi Becton for Jonah Williams.



“Becton has played just one game over the past two seasons because of injuries and would require a lengthy physical, but he looked like a franchise left tackle in 2020,” Barnwell wrote. “He would get a shot on the right side for Cincinnati, which is trying to get more physical up front.

Major Outlet Poses Player-For-Player Jonah Williams Trade



“Williams has the more significant résumé as a pro, but Becton’s 2020 season was better than Williams has looked at this level. Becton also has a fifth-year option available, although I would expect the Bengals to decline it because of his injury history. Williams is more expensive, and Cincinnati could use the $9 million or so it would save with this swap to work on rebuilding its secondary.”

It’s an interesting idea that’s probably a no-go for both teams.



Becton only has $5.8 million guaranteed ($3.1 million base salary) on his deal next season and has looked much slimmer this offseason.



Still, he’s a massive injury risk after playing in just 15 games over his first three campaigns. Becton lost his whole 2022 season to injury while preparing to play right tackle in training camp. He has never played that spot in the NFL, just like Williams.

Major Outlet Poses Player-For-Player Jonah Williams Trade



For the Jets, Williams can’t slot right into the left tackle spot as of today, and he’s making $12.6 million on the fifth-year option in 2023.

We’ll see if the Bengals actually accept an offer for the 2019 first-round pick.


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