Patrick Mahomes Backs 2X Super Bowl Champ’s Take on Tom Brady Getting Spied

Patrick Mahomes Backs 2X Super Bowl Champ’s Take on Tom Brady Getting Spied

Ever since Tom Brady got knocked out of the playoffs, fans were keen to understand his future plans. Especially if he was willing to leave the Buccaneers and find a new landing spot.



However, the quarterback left no room to make speculations. Recently, the father of three was spotted in a private school in Miami.





This initiated many theories to circulate online, with some of the fans who filmed the video asking the veteran for his willingness to join the Dolphins. The 2022 season has been a mixed bag for Brady in his professional career. His early setbacks included back-to-back losses and injured players depleting the offensive depth chart.

Anyways, he was successful in leading the franchise for a Super Bowl making a mark on the Buccaneers jersey. Meanwhile, all eyes are on him for the decision he makes once the veteran hits free agency.



The 45-year-old visited a private school on Tuesday, probably looking for his children. Interestingly, Brady’s visit got captured by a fan who shared the snippet on social media.





“There’s a video out of Tom Brady touring a Miami school with his kids, and it led some to speculate about his football future. Just for context, his ex-wife Gisele lives with the kids in Miami, and Tom has a residence there. Finding a school for his kids makes sense regardless of 🏈” Dov Kleiman captioned the post.

In the video, one could hear a person from behind asking him about the probability of coming to Miami next season. Meanwhile, the quarterback seemed uninterested and turned his head around.

Soon athletes like Kyle Van Noy caught wind of this incident. The two-time Super Bowl Champion asked all the football fans to leave Brady free during the offseason.

Because he is a human after all and has responsibilities to care about. And fans agreed with the linebacker. Interestingly, Patrick Mahomes also liked the post and acknowledged Van’s concern for his fellow athlete. Despite getting pressured to speak up, Brady has kept mum on these issues.

Tom Brady clarifies his intentions in the latest podcast

Every week, the NFL legend appears for a session with his long-time friend Jim Gray to analyze the games and give expert opinions on various issues.

Meanwhile, Gray happened to ask Brady about his future plans. Surprisingly, the GOAT had a fiery response. “Jim, if I knew what I was going to f—ing do, I’d have already f—ing done it. OK? I’m taking it a day at a time,” he said.

“I appreciate your asking, thank you,” he added. Anyways, it will be interesting to see whether Brady makes a decision anytime soon. Fans can tune in for the latest updates on this matter.


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