Patrick Mahomes Breaks Silence on Worrying Setback

Andy Reid Reveals Final Message To Player Before Super Bowl

Patrick Mahomes finally broke his silence on his injury. While there have been some scary news coming to light, Mahomes might have some breathing room.



He revealed some news that will definitely give the Chiefs nation relief. Furthermore, even Mahomes’ coach, Andy Reid, also joined his quarterback in revealing news regarding Mahomes’ ankle injury.



Patrick Mahomes Breaks Silence on Worrying Setback



Mahomes’ ankle had already been injured when he had played the AFC championship game against the Bengals. While the injury had limited his performance, the Chiefs pulled through and now have a chance to compete for a Lombardi trophy. Furthermore, it seems like Mahomes will be at full strength against the Eagles.

Patrick Mahomes reveals some relieving news

Mahomes gave his fans a huge relief. He addressed the press before a practice session in Arizona. The quarterback mentioned that he continues to get treatments every day to rest his ankle.



He also mentioned that his ankle has been feeling better than it did in the past two weeks. He also said that he would not want to deal with the ankle on game day.





He said, “ So it’s just trying to continue to get the treatment and the rehab and get it as close to 100% and then rely on some adrenaline to let me do a little bit extra when I’m on the field.” as per the Washington Times. Furthermore, Chiefs’ nation also got some reassurance from the head coach, Andy Reid.

Reid also went on to address the press and talked about his confidence in Mahomes’ abilities on the field.

Andy Reid reassures the Chiefs’ nations

Reid spoke at a press conference about Mahomes’ injury. He went on to update the audience about the injury. The head coach mentioned that he thinks Mahomes is ready to do anything there is in the Chiefs’ playbook.

It seems like the coach has also placed his faith in Mahomes’ recovery. Furthermore, Mahomes himself seems like he is ready to play in the Super Bowl.

Patrick Mahomes Breaks Silence on Worrying Setback

As long as there aren’t any incidents until Super Bowl Sunday, Mahomes should be good to go. Furthermore, the Chiefs are going to need their star quarterback at full strength. It is going to be an intense battle between the Eagles and the Chiefs. Only time will tell if Mahomes’ ankle will actually hold up during crunch time.


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