Patrick Mahomes Makes Another Urgent Plea to NFL

Patrick Mahomes Makes Another Urgent Plea to NFL

Player safety is a primary concern in the NFL. Chiefs leader Patrick Mahomes may wholeheartedly agree. He has a reason to feel so.



In the game against the Jaguars, PM15 witnessed helmet-to-helmet contact. The triggering incident took his memory back to Tua Tagovailoa’s injury, and this made Mahomes make a powerful plea.





The 27 YO spoke passionately in the presser about the need for a cautious approach. 2022 MVP favorite Mahomes said, “We want to get that out of the league as quickly as possible for player safety. So if we can review that and make it something like there’s a penalty or something, obviously you will get that stuff out of the way as much as possible.” A talismanic leader, the Chiefs’ #15 QB awaits a favorable response from the NFL.

Patrick Mahomes, NFL players disfavor artificial turfs

A vast set of NFL players are unhappy with the use of slim-fit turf fields. NFL Players’ Association president JC Tretter wrote a column asking the owners to stop using it, as he felt they create a lot of injuries.



Rams WR Cooper Kupp and 49ers TE George Kittle stepped in, and they posted tweets concerning player safety. An energetic man with a voice on player issues, PM15 left no time to retweet the message through his Twitter account.



Patrick Mahomes Makes Another Urgent Plea to NFL



Apparently, the plea got a wider push from the fans. Many of them reacted in favor of the demand. They pitched in with their show of support. But, what is the reason Mahomes raised support for the players? The reason was simple. He had genuine concerns surrounding the quality of the turf and its impact on the players.


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