Patrick Mahomes Reacts To Tom Brady’s Parade ‘Behavior’ Comment

Patrick Mahomes Reacts To Tom Brady's Parade 'Behavior' Comment

On Friday, the legendary Tom Brady shared his thoughts on Patrick Mahomes handing the Lombardi Trophy to a random fan during the Chiefs’ championship parade.





Brady tweeted, “Looks like appropriate parade behavior to me.” This was Brady’s way of poking fun at his own blunders from the Buccaneers’ parade in 2021. For those who don’t remember, Brady tossed the Lombardi Trophy from one boat to another. Thankfully, the pass was completed.



Mahomes replied to this tweet from Brady with a few laughing emojis. The good news for Mahomes is that he was actually showing the crowd a replica of the Lombardi Trophy.



So even if he did leave it with the fans, he wouldn’t really be in hot water. Besides, watching Mahomes get loose at the parade was a nice change of pace.





We’re so used to seeing him perfectly execute plays and lead the Chiefs to crunch-time wins. If anything, this incident was a reminder that Mahomes is truly human.


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