Red Sox manager gives candid take on pitch clock

Red Sox manager gives candid take on pitch clock

Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora is a big fan of MLB’s new pitch clock.

The 47-year-old told reporters Monday that he “loves” the change and believes that it’s a “better product for the fans.”

The pitch clock (as well as a host of other offseason changes) has already had a big impact in spring training in the short time since its implementation.



Jayson Stark of The Athletic tweeted a host of statistics backing up how the timer has changed the late February exhibition contests.



Monday wasn’t the first time that Cora has given his input this month on an alteration to America’s Pastime. In mid-February, Cora gave an entertaining observation for the game’s new, larger bases, saying that they looked like pizza boxes.

While the Red Sox leader may like some of the changes, there are still many baseball traditionalists who aren’t thrilled, such as 2024 National Baseball Hall of Fame candidate Adrian Beltre.



When discussing the rule changes with Yardbarker in mid-February, the Texas Rangers legend said he would rather the sport “be left how it was.”



Though there are a wide range of opinions on all the changes coming to MLB, it’s clear that the moves have resulted in a different product already.

A recent spring training tilt between the Red Sox and Atlanta Braves ended in a tie because of the pitch clock, San Diego Padres star Manny Machado has been among the batters to fall victim to the timer, and St. Louis Cardinals reliever Giovanny Gallegos had his spring debut pushed back last week to get more time to adjust to the clock.



From the top-of-the rotation aces to the end-of-the-bench utilitymen, all players have just a few more weeks to adjust to the new rules, with Opening Day set for March 30.


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