Rich Eisen gives Joe Burrow some much-deserved respect

Rich Eisen gives Joe Burrow some much-deserved respect

The NFL offseason is in full force which means there are plenty of “rankings” out there.

From who had the best offseason to the best quarterbacks in each conference, it seems like there’s a new rankings list every day.



Most of those lists can be ignored. But every now and then someone with a massive reach puts out some rankings that are worth checking out.

 Rich Eisen gives Joe Burrow some much-deserved respect



On Friday, NFL Network’s Rich Eisen, one of the biggest v0ices in sports media, revealed his top five quarterbacks in the AFC.

And he included Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers in his rankings (even though he hasn’t officially been traded to the New York Jets yet).



Unsurprisingly, Eisen ranked Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes at No. 1 — I don’t think anyone is arguing that choice after watching the playoffs this past season.

 Rich Eisen gives Joe Burrow some much-deserved respect



At No. 2 on Eisen’s list is Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, who has emerged as a true superstar in the sport. Burrow has helped the Bengals go from punchline to powerhouse in just three years.

Eisen described Joey B as someone with “ice in his veins”.



Here’s Eisen’s entire top five:

1. Patrick Mahomes — Chiefs

2. Joe Burrow — Bengals

3. Josh Allen — Bills

4. Aaron Rodgers — Jets

5. Justin Herbert — Chargers



It’s hard to argue against results. Burrow doesn’t have a Super Bowl yet, but he’s helped take Cincinnati to a Super Bowl appearance and back-to-back AFC Championship games. It’s only a matter of time before the former LSU star brings a Lombardi Trophy to Ohio.


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