Rob Gronkowski Predicts Tom Brady’s More-Likely Team

Rob Gronkowski Predicts Tom Brady's More-Likely Team

Tom Brady faces a couple of massive decisions this offseason. He first needs to figure out whether he’s going to play again. If he decides to, he’ll then have to figure out what team he will play for.



The legendary quarterback is set to be a free agent in March since his contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is about to expire.



Rob Gronkowski Predicts Tom Brady's More-Likely Team



Outside of the Bucs, he’ll have a few other suitors, such as the Tennessee Titans and Las Vegas Raiders, but they won’t matter, according to Rob Gronkowski. Gronkowski, who’s one of Brady’s former teammates, sees Brady going back to the Bucs over signing with the Raiders.

“I would say the Tampa Bay Buccaneers,” Gronkowski said, via Sports Illustrated. “I mean, he’s been there now for three years.



It’s such a great organization, they got great people in their front office, so if I had to take a guess right now, I would say the Bucs.”



Rob Gronkowski Predicts Tom Brady's More-Likely Team



If Brady does go back to the Bucs, there’s a good chance the team will look a lot different. They have a lot of free agents this offseason, including wide receiver Scotty Miller, running back Giovani Bernard, tight end Kyle Rudolph, and wide receiver Julio Jones. We’ll have to see what Brady decides to do.


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