Tom Brady cannot break this quarterback’s bizarre record

Tom Brady cannot break this quarterback's bizarre record

XFL QB Paxton Lynch has a record that even NFL GOAT Tom Brady can’t achieve. Lynch is now the only quarterback in history to be benched in the NFL, the XFL, the CFL and the USFL.



In other words, if there’s a football league linked to America, then Paxton Lynch will likely be benched in it at some point or another.



Tom Brady cannot break this quarterback's bizarre record



Lynch’s most recent benching came during the Orlando Guardians’ game against the Houston Roughnecks. Though he threw an early touchdown, he eventually found himself on the bench once again for his atrocious play. It marks his first benching as a member of the XFL, and it’s been a tragic fall from grace for Lynch, who was once considered a hot prospect.

In 2015, Paxton Lynch took the world of college football by storm. He had an impressive FBS-record of seven touchdowns in a single half and was selected by the Denver Broncos with the 26th overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Unfortunately, he fizzled out in the NFL and was out of the league after starting just four games over the course of the 2016 and 2017 seasons.



Despite his struggles, Lynch still managed to catch the eye of Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, who regretted not trading up for him.



Tom Brady cannot break this quarterback's bizarre record



“Jones regretted and was disappointed that the Cowboys did not trade up for, at the time, and when Jones got up the day after the draft, he ‘second-guessed the hell out of himself for not giving the three,'” according to the Sports Rush.

But Lynch’s struggles didn’t end there. He continued to struggle in every major football league he played in, including the XFL.

The league is designed for players who are not quite good enough for the NFL, but Lynch seems to be not quite good enough for the XFL even.

Tom Brady cannot break this quarterback's bizarre record

While Lynch’s record may be bizarre, it’s a testament to the fact that football is a tough game and not everyone can make it to the top. As for Lynch, he’ll have to keep working hard if he wants to avoid being benched in any future football leagues he might play in.


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