Tom Brady Expresses His Worry on Bucs Receivers

Tom Brady Expresses His Worry on Bucs Receivers

While the quarterback was subject to a dozen dropped catches from his receivers, Tom Brady has aired out his concerns about the professionals not focusing on their jobs.



Even though TB12 and Gronk began this endeavor together. This time around, it was the quarterback who was conducting it alone in the armchair.





In the new installation of Armchair QB, for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers official YouTube channel, Brady answered a fan who wanted to know whether to pursue people who spend too much time on social media. While the question was more from a romantic standpoint, the 45-year-old was quick to draw parallels with his receivers.

Brady compared the situation with his receiving corps, claiming he often wonders if their social media profiles are too distracting for the players.



“I have this problem a lot with my wide receivers. They’re on their social media too much. I’m wondering are they into their game plan, are they into their film study something I gotta look at too,” added Brady.



Tom Brady Expresses His Worry on Bucs Receivers



However, he must have ended up making a few of his teammates’ sweat. When talking about the problem, the quarterback simply advises the person, “if they’re not getting it done because other things are in the way like their social media presence you gotta ship em Out,” and for him, it goes both in his personal and work life.

Tom Brady and his faltering weaponry

When the decorated quarterback joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020. One thing that got his fancy was the options of weapons he had available to him.

While the likes of Mike Evans and Chris Godwin were already there, he even added the likes of Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Brown. Even the likes of Scott Miller played their part in taking the team to a Super Bowl win in 2021.

Tom Brady Expresses His Worry on Bucs Receivers

However, long gone are the days of that luxury. As early injuries plague the established receivers. Gronkowski has ridden into the sunset once again. And Antonio Brown is just another story on its own. Leaving Tom Brady often fuming at the inexperience and simple inadequacy of some of his new receivers.

If one finds themself to be a receiver for the Bucs, focus on film study, and stay off social media for a bit. And if one finds themselves not able to curb their internet habits, just make sure to catch those throws.


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