Tom Brady Finally Gets a Break on Offensive Front

Tom Brady Finally Gets a Break on Offensive Front

The NFL Sunday will witness one of the most awaited games of the 2022 season. The two gladiators, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, will clash for probably one last time in a regular season.



However, their poor offense has been a matter of concern ahead of the face-off, and the Brady-led side is fixing it by adding his new weapon, Cole Beasley, to the 53-man roster.





The Buccaneers have been struggling with a shattered O-line and a fragile receiver corps for a long time. Chris Godwin and the season’s primary weapon Julio Jones, both are benched, recovering from their injuries. Moreover, Mike Evans’ one-game suspension left the quarterback stranded until he found Cole Beasley in the free agent market.

One of the most controversial figures in the outside world but a hot prospect in the league who can easily fulfill the expectations.



Tom Brady Finally Gets a Break on Offensive Front



Recently, the NFL insider, Ian Rapoport, confirmed that Beasley has been activated from the practice squad and is expected to feature in Sunday’s game. “The #Bucs activated newly signed WR Cole Beasley from the practice squad, an indication he’ll play Sunday vs the #Packers.” he wrote on Twitter.

In a recent interview, Tom Brady affirmed that Beasley was on his radar for a long time.

Having a formidable receiver corps at the beginning of the season didn’t bother him earlier, but later on, he felt the need to recruit this veteran. What’s funnier was the way Brady hired him.



Tom Brady Finally Gets a Break on Offensive Front

It was through Instagram DMs, and Beasley was at Brady’s assistance. After being released by the Bills in March this year, the receiver was waiting for a team to approach him. The entire summer drained out, but it seems now is the time for Beasley to shine again.

Tom Brady says his rivalry against Aaron Rodgers is more like a friendly clash

In the last 15 seasons, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers clashed four times as starting the game for their respective sides.

The only time Rodgers was able to seek his revenge was in 2014 at Lambeau Field. Since then, it was Brady who outshined.

Brady affirmed that more than rivalry, it was the friendship that was fostered over the years. Be it on the football field or the golf course, they got to know each other more. “He’s an amazing player. Has been for a long time,” Brady said in his Thursday press conference.

“I love watching him play, and he’s from California, too, so I feel like we always have a little bit of a connection,” he added.

Tom Brady Finally Gets a Break on Offensive Front

Rodgers and Brady both are old athletes probably playing in the final stages of their careers. Nothing else left to prove, but at the end of the day, it’s all about competition. And something which Rodgers and Brady love the most.


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