Tom Brady Given a Bizarre Proposition After Playoff Exit

Tom Brady Is Reportedly Considering 3 NFL Teams

With seven Super Bowl Championships across a career of over decades, 45-year-old ageless Tom Brady stands as one of the greatest to ever play the sport.



But 2023 wasn’t meant to be for the quarterback, whose team, after losing to the Dallas Cowboys in the wild-card round, bid adieu to NFL 2022-23.



Tom Brady Given a Bizarre Proposition After Playoff Exit



Concurrent with Brady’s NFL exit and his recently concluded marriage, an ex-MLB star made a strange proposal to the five-time Super Bowl MVP. Akin to his actively developing strange personality on Twitter, Lenny Dykstra, tried to reach out to the QB through Twitter, along with a peculiar request for Brady.

Ex-MLB star wants Tom Brady to play his wingman

Essentially, with Lenny Dykstra, every day is a new story. And last evening, after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost 14-31 to the Dallas Cowboys at their home, Lenny Dykstra reached out to Tom Brady



He asked the quarterback to play his wingman, while he can return the favor. Dykstra suggested that since Brady would now be free, they could be each other’s wingmen.





The three-time MLB All-Star said, “Hey, @TomBrady, now that you have a lot of free time on your hands, maybe we can be each other’s wingmen?” The Mets legend seemingly had this all planned out, with his initial prediction of watching the Philadelphia Eagles and Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl.

With his contract coming to an end, will the ageless Brady return to Tampa?

Unlike the MLB, the NFL issues a player salary cap on every team. In March 2020, Tom Brady signed a two-year contract worth $50 million with the Bucs.

Tom Brady Given a Bizarre Proposition After Playoff Exit

Now, since his signed tenure with the Bucs is coming to an end, Brady may have to start preparing to say goodbye to Florida. As per Forbes, the Bucs are already $41 million above the salary cap, and signing Tom Brady with minimum funds will never be easy.


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