Tom Brady NFL Return Rumors Go Viral

Tom Brady NFL Return Rumors Go Viral

The NFL world was reeling in shock when Tom Brady announced his supposed final retirement. There had been a lot of debate and discussion among fans amid a lot of teary-eyed goodbyes.



The football world was losing one of its biggest legends ever to retirement. While his second retirement did not have the same impact as the first one, Brady’s video addressing people brought out fans’ emotions.



Tom Brady NFL Return Rumors Go Viral



However, after such a huge deal about getting retired, fans have recently directed their frustrations at Brady, following viral rumors of his potential return to the premier league. NFL Insider Dov Kleiman recently posted an update that attracted the fans’ attention.

Kleiman shared an interesting possibility regarding Brady that prompted some not so favorable opinions from fans.

Intriguing Tom Brady update gains traction on social media

Brady has showcased all the signs of living a very happy retired life. He has been involved online on Instagram, sharing images of his retired, serene life.



However, an interesting development might mean that he won’t be posting retirement pictures for too long. Kleiman took to Twitter to highlight some news about Brady’s potential return to the sport.





Apparently, Brady might return back to the NFL and there is a chance he’ll be going to Miami. NFL fans could not hold back their opinion when the news of Brady coming back went viral. They took to Twitter to state their opinions on the development.

NFL fans disapprove of the most recent Brady developments

Fans went on to showcase their disapproval of Brady’s supposed moves. One fan spoke about how Brady might come back again.

All in all, fans were not very happy with the news that came out. While fans showed their disappointment at the news, there haven’t been any actual words from Brady himself.

It seems like the Brady retirement drama might not just be over yet. However, only time and Brady will be able to tell how the trajectory of his career will go and if he’ll be back on the field again.


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