Tom Brady Reportedly Makes Decision On Infamous Flag

Tom Brady Reportedly Makes Decision On Infamous Flag

Several weeks ago a New England Patriots fan sued the Patriots organization for not properly handling an autographed flag from Tom Brady that he had lent the organization.



Tom Brady Reportedly Makes Decision On Infamous Flag



42-year-old Daniel Vitale asserted in October that a flag he loaned the team last year for a special Brady display had the autograph faded due to it not being treated behind glass that would avoid light and heat from causing the autograph to fade.



As a result, Vitale believes that the faded autograph has lowered the value of the flag by upwards of $1 million – and he’s suing the team for the lost value.



Amid the lawsuit, Tom Brady has been called upon to remedy the situation. According to ProFootballTalk, Brady has agreed to simply autograph the flag again.





The flag itself was flown at the final regular season game ever played at the old Foxboro Stadium in 2001. The Patriots would go on to win their first Super Bowl that year, kicking off their dynasty. But it looks like the real dollar value of the flag matters a little bit more than the pure sentimental value of it.

Now Vitale will be able to get the full value of his cherished memorabilia from that historic season.


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