Tom Brady Shares A Cryptic Response To Raiders Rumors

Tom Brady’s latest decision really hurts the Buccaneers in 2023

The whole NFL has been holding their breath when it comes to Terrific Tom’s decision. While playoffs are going on, analysts, journalists, and fans are watching Tom Brady closely.

Tom Brady Shares A Cryptic Response To Raiders Rumors

NFL fans might be more concerned with the golden boy’s next moves than the first few rounds of the playoffs. With Brady going into free agency unrestricted next year, it seems like everyone is anticipating a tectonic shift in the league. One of the biggest rumors that people have been hearing is of Brady heading to Vegas.

There are rumors that the Raiders would be a perfect fit for the Buccaneers’ quarterback. However, when he asked about it, Brady had a very cryptic response.

The Master of evasive answers: Tom Brady

Tom Brady has always been good at dodging questions from the media. Whether it was about his divorce or where he might be headed.

Brady has never given up much information unless he wants to and it seems like he has done it again. It appears that if Brady decides to head elsewhere in his unrestricted free agency, the Raiders would be a great fit.

Tom Brady Shares A Cryptic Response To Raiders Rumors

However, he was questioned by reporters about the rumors regarding his potential landing spots with the Raiders and the Dolphins. Furthermore, the question was in context to the rumors’ timings as opposed to playoffs coming closer. The reporter was curious as to what his thoughts were on the rumors.

The quarterback was questioned about these rumors and he had a very cryptic response. Brady said, “I don’t know. You guys gotta write something new every day, so just wake up, try to show up and do my job,” as per Heavy.

Furthermore, it goes to show how much power Brady’s words hold as fans went absolutely berserk after this interview.

Fans hang on to Brady’s every single word

It seems like Brady’s response was not frustrating just for reporters but also for the fans. After this interview, fans were up and at it trying to speculate where Brady might land after the current postseason games.

The fans’ speculations were off the charts as they flooded social media, trying to figure it out.

Tom Brady Shares A Cryptic Response To Raiders Rumors

While Brady himself might have made up his mind, his words to the press have not yet betrayed his true intentions. For now, the NFL world has no choice but to hang on to every word that Brady reveals. It seems like only time will tell where Brady is going to be headed.


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