Tom Brady Uses Four Words to Express Feelings for Making History

Tom Brady Uses Four Words to Express Feelings for Making History

On Sunday night, the Bucs performed miraculously to get the win against the Los Angeles Rams.



In the same game, arguably the greatest NFL player of all time, Tom Brady also achieved an incredible feat of surpassing 100,000 passing yards; notably, Brady is the only player in the NFL to achieve this.





Before the game, Brady talked about this individual achievement; however, he also talked about winning the game against the Rams. After the game, he used just four words to describe his achievement.

Tom Brady talks about his incredible achievement

During the post-game press conference, a reporter asked Brady about achieving 100,000 passing yards. In reply, the quarterback said, “It’s all about the win, so… Never cared about that, it’s all about the win.“



At the beginning of the press conference, Brady looked really pumped up with the win over the Rams. Notably, the Bucs have lost three games in a row before the game against the Rams.





So, Brady was mainly focusing on his team’s win rather than achieving individual records. Before the game, he discussed the record but ultimately gave his teammates all the credit for achieving any individual record. the QB achieved this record by throwing a 15-yard pass to the RB Leonard Fournette in the fourth quarter.

Brady and the Bucs survived against the Rams

After winning against the Rams, the Bucs were able to keep their playoff hopes alive. Notably, the Tampa Bay side was down by four points in the 4th quarter with 13 seconds left on the clock.

It was the last drive for the Bucs and Brady delivered some clutch passes. With 9 seconds remaining on the clock, Brady threw a one-yard pass to the rookie tight end Cade Otton for a touchdown, which sealed the game for the Bucs.

Although Brady did not have a great game until the fourth quarter, that touchdown pass changed his whole night, as he was fist-pumping and hugging their offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich on the sidelines. In this game, Brady threw 280 yards and completed 36 of 58 passes for one touchdown.

Certainly, this win will motivate the Bucs and Brady for the season ahead. Also, this win will give them a massive chance to qualify for the playoffs.


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