Tom Brady Vowed To Destroy This NFL Franchise For Toying With Him

Report sheds some light on Tom Brady’s unusual leave of absence

Tom Brady became an intense commodity when he hit free agency for the first time in his career.



It made him the hottest NFL creation who chose free agency. Various franchises showed up to lure him in, and he ended up in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.





However, a team flirted with the QB but eventually gave up on him. After that incident, he swore revenge. After announcing his retirement, the offseason this year was becoming a thriller. But Tom Brady hit the ground soon after.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and TB12 were looking for athletes to help them win another Lombardi Trophy.



If Brady is successful, it could be a happy outcome for his distinguished career. When Tom Brady appeared in HBO’s The Shop, he made a gnarly comment on an unnamed franchise and a QB.





His remarks were rather ferocious, and he sought revenge on the franchise. But the veteran athlete did not disclose the name. But NFL Reporter Dov Kleiman believes TB12 referenced the Miami Dolphins. When Paul Rivera questioned if Brady would have signed with that team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB gave a hard-hitting response.

He mentions, “Absolutely. Looking back, I’m thinking ‘There’s no f*cking way I would’ve gone to that team.”

“They said they didn’t want me! I know what that means! I know what that feels like! And I’m going to f*ck you up because of that.”

Tom Brady Vowed To Destroy This NFL Franchise For Toying With Him

If Kleiman’s theory is true, the Dolphins may never see the GOAT on their side. The franchise enthusiasts should not amp up their hopes of setting him on the team. Moreover, Brady’s anger is justified, as that period was a crucial time for the QB.

Tom Brady indirectly got his retribution

The offseason chatter surrounding TB12 and the Dolphins led to an investigation of whether the franchise breached any game dignity ethics.

The league found the Miami Dolphins violated the anti-tampering rule after holding unauthorized talks with Brady multiple times in his career.

They did the same with Sean Payton’s agent in 2022, which led to the headlining rumors. Tom Brady vowed revenge for what the Dolphins did to him during his free agency. The NFL found the franchise guilty, and they lose out on significant draft picks.

They also penalized owner Stephen Ross and temporarily barred him from attending the league meetings. Here, karma struck back. Tampa Tom didn’t have to do anything, but he got his reprisal.


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