“Wow Nico Roberg”– Lewis Hamilton’s father reveals his first impression on his greatest F1 rival ever

Nico Rosberg is surely the biggest rival Lewis Hamilton ever had in his career. The two best friends who turned into foes because of the extreme competitiveness were something extraordinary.



The battles between the two drivers in 2016 could probably go down as the biggest rivalry any teammates had. Maybe, Ayrton Senna Vs Alain Prost which was equally fierce.



The magnitude of their rivalry was so big that Rosberg had to retire after the 2016 season,

only not deal with such pressure ever again. Nevertheless, Rosberg was an exceptional driver.



And his history with Hamilton starts decades ago when the two were competing in the junior competitions.

Anthony Hamilton, the father of the seven-time world champion, reveals what was his impression when he first saw the German race driver.



“I do remember when we first time met, and we used to see you driving around in the go-kart,” said Hamilton senior to Rosberg. “We were like wow, Nico Rosberg!”

And you two then ended up in a team together, that was amazing. What you guys have actually achieved is phenomenal.”



The father of Mercedes superstar then went on to reveal that he still clings to the image of Rosberg and Hamilton on unicycles.

The image which best represented their friendship before competition came in between.

“For me, one of the king images of the past. I got this photo of you and Lewis, you might have been 13, on the unicycles,” he added.

It was British Grand Prix 2019 when Rosberg had this little conversation with the Hamiltons.

The former F1 driver then asked Anthony whether his son is eyeing another win. “That’s how it’s gonna end up, you know Lewis,” replied cheekily Hamilton snr.

That evening Hamilton sealed yet another victory and his father was right. The Briton race driver is now the most successful

F1 driver in history and is still going strong. Whereas, Rosberg contributes to F1 with his analysis on SkySports.


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