Vanessa Bryant’s message to Kobe on this particular Monday

At every symbolic occasion that comes her way, Vanessa Bryant publicly addresses the late Kobe Bryant. This is what the mother of the family did again on Monday, for this date so special and important for their couple. Whether on forums, social networks or in everyday life, the pain of fans can always be felt. More than two years after his tragic death, the void left by Kobe Bryant in the hearts of his worshipers remains immense.



Logically, he reveals himself to be even more gaping in that of his widow, Vanessa, who tries to keep his memory intact. While she’s still trying to obtain compensation from the American justice system, the wife of the Black Mamba indeed strives to regularly evoke the legend of the Lakers. Most of the time, it happens on her Instagram account, in which she posts tributes and souvenir photos. The date of April 18 was particularly suitable for this.





Vanessa celebrates 21 years of marriage to Kobe Bryant
This Monday marked the 21st anniversary of the marriage of Kobe and Vanessa Bryant, celebrated at the time with a select committee at St. Edward the Confessor Catholic Church in Dana Point, California. Of course, the mother of the family did not miss this highly symbolic event, without posting a few words for her late husband on Instagram.
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No photo of the ceremony to accompany this message, but rather a snapshot showing the two lovebirds in their youth, and most certainly at the beginning of their romance.

For the third consecutive year, it is therefore without Kobe that Vanessa had to live this very special day, for her greatest regret. There is no doubt that if he had still been there, Vino would have prepared a most romantic program for him, just to remind him of his love for her. Instead, it is his wife who finds herself showing him hers, without unfortunately receiving an answer from her soul mate.

Kobe Bryant may have left behind a family in mourning, his marriage is still celebrated each year by his widow Vanessa. The proof, with this most touching message written by the Queen Mamba.


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