Vanessa Bryant’s New Pau Gasol Video Goes Viral

Vanessa Bryant and her family underwent a tragedy nobody should ever have to experience when they lost Kobe and Gianna.



Because of how much the Bryant family meant to the world, many stepped forward to offer support. It was heartwarming to see.



That said, people move on. One person who hasn’t, though? Kobe’s former Los Angeles Lakers teammate, Pau Gasol.

This week Vanessa shared a video showing that Gasol is still as entrenched as ever with the Bryant family.

Natalia also made it a point to show Gasol some love: This is not an isolated incident for Gasol. He has consistently been an ever-present figure in the lives of the Bryant clan.



Who could forget his incredible anniversary present for Vanessa? Or his incredible explanation for the two sides of Kobe?

Gasol is the kind of friend everyone can only hope to have. He is as loyal and legit as they come.



As for Vanessa, it must warm her heart to see this sort of allegiance. After her unfortunate legal clash with her own mother

MEET Kobe Bryant’s Wife of many years… AND The Sweet Message He Wrote For Her Before His Deathand the odd rationale that was at work through that entire thing – seeing someone stay true to the family like Gasol has must mean even more.



Between the serious allegations Los Angeles County made against her and what some perceive to be as her changing appearance, Vanessa has had a tough path since Kobe and Gianna’s passing.

Because of that, it’s great to see she has such a strong support system in place in the form of Pau Gasol. The man is a real one – no ands, ifs or ors about it.


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