Why Verstappen fans denounce behavior of supermodel who is friends with Lewis Hamilton Reveal

Indeed, the video that appeared online was not very sympathetic. First, she shouts “Go Lewis” as she stands behind Hamilton’s Mercedes and as she approaches Verstappen’s RB18, she shakes her head and sticks her thumb down. Then she also jokingly says, “I can’t even remember the last time I drank a Red Bull.”





It was not taken kindly by the 29-year-old Kloss, who, with ten million followers, has a huge reach on Instagram and even went out with Hamilton in Miami. Some reactions to the video of Verstappen:





– ‘If you’re lucky enough to be at a Grand Prix on the track, at least show respect to all the drivers’
– ‘Red Bull’s cars are nicer than hers’
– ‘Do you know how little Max cares that you don’t drink Red Bull’
– ‘Max must be very desperate that he doesn’t have such VIP friends’


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