Wife Vanessa Makes Massive Kobe Bryant Brand Announcement Featuring Kim Kardashian, LeBron James, Stephen Curry and Other Celebrities for Daughter Gianna’s Birthday

This year, Vanessa Bryant, came up with the sweetest present to celebrate her late daughter Gianna’s birthday. She is doing everything she can to make the day special.



To commemorate the sixteenth birthday of Gianna, her mother has revealed a few great releases under her name.



In honor of her daughter’s birthday, Vanessa came up with Mambacita shoes and MAMBACITA x DANNIJO.

You can also see her social media posts where she shared the news with the people. A short video of celebrities wearing hoodies was shared by her on Instagram.



The video features Kim Kardashian, LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and other celebrities, making a big Kobe Brand announcement.

The post has since received a lot of response from the fans, who are sharing their love for the collection in the comments.



You can clearly see their excitement over the release. With that, Vanessa captioned it: “In honor of my daughter Gianna’s birthday,

we’re bringing back MAMBACITA × DANNIJO because so many of you have asked for the restock. “Additionally, she mentioned:



“Link in bio to access the collection now! Thank you so much to our wonderful friends, family, fans, and @dannijo for supporting our @mambambacitasports foundation.” Many celebrities can be seen wearing the upcoming collection and showing full support for it.


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